Mortgage Preapproval

Mortgage brokers are more than happy to do a preapproval for you in the hope that you will work with them when the time comes. You get the opportunity to ask questions you may have on obtaining a mortgage, the different types available, the rates, and if need be, getting your credit repaired, whatever.

Most real estate agents will not take potential clients to view properties until the buyer has a pre-approval letter in hand, as the agents would not know whether you are able to afford the places they are showing you. Preapproval letters are considered "good" for 3 months after issuance then should be renewed at least as long as you are actively looking to buy. If your circumstances should change for example; a new job, additional income from a spouse etc., you should have a new one issued. No offer to purchase would be reviewed by a seller without a mortgage pre-approval letter or proof of funds if paying cash.

Here is a list of mortgage brokers I have screened that previous clients of mine have used and I was told the brokers were very helpful, knowledgeable, had very competitive rates, had access to a wide range of loan programs and always called back promptly. Of course, you may use anyone you want as there are many out there to choose from. The pre-approval process is relatively quick and at no cost to you. You are not obligated to work with anyone who does a pre-approval for you. Please mention my name. I make nothing but good will.

Mortgage Brokers

Ryna Shimmerman   Eastern Bank   office: 781 596 4532   cell: 781 864 3969

Michael Rice   NewFed Mortgage   cell: 508 801 5880    office: 781 932 1387

Daniel Bello   Residential Mortgage Services   cell: 781 738 6899   office:  781 569 4110

Kristin Callahan  Mortgage Network   cell: 508 641 0002   office: 781 639 1387

Stephen Morrison   Cambridge Trust   cell: 781 640 6798 

Cathy Dyl   Stoneham Bank   781 640 2644

Michael McWilliams   Middlesex Federal   office:  617 666 4700

Sherry Keenan Burke   Leader Bank   cell: 617 293 5098   office: 781 641 8814

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